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The rabbit hole always goes just a little deeper.  This is a truth that I’ve come to realize through my experience as a redpill.  Just when you think you have things figured out, and know exactly what direction the wind is blowing in… the weather changes suddenly and you find yourself facing an oncoming storm of epic porportion.

It has been a while since I left the Matrix.  I faced those around me and told them of the long road ahead of them… warned them of the dangers they’d face, and that they were now forced into a position to unite.

I didn’t lie.

Reposco… Caelifera… even Rylet.  I’ve missed them.

I hope they’re ready.  I hope everyone is… because what we’ve seen up to now has been nothing compared to what is about to happen.  The fall of the Truce was only the beginning.


Code Capture 11821-4

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Finally nearing broadcast depth, but transmissions are dangerous…

Though I’ve not quite arrived, I can already tell that Machine City is far more vast than I had ever imagined.

It seems like it was only yesterday that I stood in Eshean, the day the truce fell.  Surrounded by Reposco, Rylet, Caelifera, and hundreds of EPN and Zion operatives that were lost in what was happening, it felt…  right.  As odd as that may sound.

To see E Pluribus Neo and Zion brethren side by side again, in strength, and in power, it honestly brought a tear to my eye.

Ages passed since Zion stood tall.  Since mankind stood united in their fight on the docks, ready to give everything they had, even if it meant extermination, just for the chance of taking a few of those machine invaders with them into death.

I remember those late nights alongside Michael after the Truce began, in Bunker 24, following the meetings with those who believed as we did.  I enjoyed watching him talk with Morpheus, begging for answers on what we must do.  Morpheus, as always, seemed to answer without answering.  His way of answering questions always seemed elusive, but certainly came with a point.

Mankind’s very nature is to persist.  To continue, regardless of circumstance, and regardless of what might hinder us.  We push ourselves forward because it is who we are and what we were meant to do.


I do not know if I will ever again see the operatives I worked alongside so tirelessly.  It is unlikely that I will survive what is to come, but I will try.

I can only hope they know now what they’re capable of, and what they must do for their species.  And though transmissions are easily traced and locked onto, I will continue to send them as long as I can… though it may be rare that I can.

If they’re receiving this, they should know that they are missed and loved like brothers and sisters.  I know what they can do, because I have seen it time and again.  What’s important is that they know.

For Neo, Zeissman

PS… before my departure, I assembled a package and transmitted it to Relikat.  It will not be easy to decrypt, or to track down… but what it contains, I believe, will be worth the effort.  Be well, my friends… I will attempt to stay in contact for as long as I can.

Code Capture 11706-7

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It has never ceased to amaze me, the things people endure for a cause…

…Most often they are willing to die to defend what they believe is right. Or worse, they’ll willingly suffer at the hands of the enemy, and become prisoners of war… items for use in bargains and to extract information from.

The crew of the Hovercraft Rescate has been on my mind a lot lately. Captain DeCesare, First Mate Xcelerate, and operatives Relikat and Craner. We had confirmed awhile back that after their capture by the Cypherites, DeCesare was killed. Their ship was hijacked by the Cypherites and we’ve been tracking it ever since. Now we’re closer than ever.

This job entails a lot of dangers.  Some of them are obvious and ever-present… but many of them are subtle and easy to overlook.  Those awoken by EPN are never forced to join the cause of the organization, but those who choose to are welcomed… as long as they understand what it is that they’re getting into.

And if I were taken as a prisoner tomorrow?  I’d feel no different.


Code Capture 11628-5

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We as humans like to think that we have all the answers…

…truth is, we don’t.  To be honest, I don’t think anyone does, human or not.  If the Machines did, redpills would never have been an issue with them.  If the Exiles had all of the answers, they probably would’ve succeeded in their latest plot.  And if mankind had the answers…  well, that’s something else entirely.

No, I don’t even think the Oracle has all of the answers.  I don’t think Neo did, either.  I think all we’re left with are our ideas and perceptions to base our choices and reactions around.  The problem with reactions, though, is that sometimes you don’t have time to think before you make them.  There are a lot of things you can’t plan for in advance.  It’s the limitations of not being claire voyant.

You can’t wake up one morning and plan for every contingency, because we aren’t all-knowing, and are therefore bound.  We can only pray that when an issue arises that we’re unprepared for, we can avoid panicking long enough to react swiftly and appropriately.

The ability to do that.  The ability to do what needs to be done to insure that the outcome is appropriate…  is what Neo himself was willing to sacrifice himself for.  I cannot thing of any better way to honor his memory than to be willing to face true death to save another.

Code Capture 11621-2

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I’ve come to notice a lot of things about redpill over the course of time…

…among them, an odd sense of forgetfulness about who they are and where they came from. If I were to say that Neo died so that we could have the freedoms that we have today, I’d sound no different than one bird chirping among a tree filled with it’s noisy family members. No, let’s not even discuss Neo.

Let’s discuss us. Let’s discuss the people who carry on. The people who are burdened with their own personal goals, whether those goals be furthering the Truce, ultimate protection of Zion, freedom of mankind, or so on. Everyone wants something. Sometimes it’s little more than a matter of what they’re willing to do to accomplish it.

And of course there’s my goals… and yes, I have them. I’m no different than anyone else in that respect.

I wish to see mankind freed. I wish to see Zion stand tall, as powerful as it once was, but not too powerful to ignore the help of us, their brethren, who worry for them. I wish to see those who have done wrong during the course of this war… and this Truce… be punished accordingly.

We forget who we are. What we’re trying to accomplish. We forget who the enemies are… who would kill us the second we appeared to be a threat.

I can safely say, however, that though I’ve been very diplomatic, I haven’t forgotten.

Code Capture 11603-1

•June 6, 2007 • 3 Comments

I’ve come to notice in my travels, that the general redpill community is much more complacent than they should be…

…I remember the way things were.  I remember hearing stories while in Zion, of Red Eyed Agents that could be fought… Shapers, Neo’s Fragments, and a Man made of Flies.  I remember looking at a number of code captures in disbelief, seeing images of the many monuments of the Matrix, decaying slowly… or Morpheus’ latest speech of widsom and strength.

The feeling back then was one of imminent catastrophe… anything could happen at any given time, to anyone.  Many redpills feared jacking out, out of the desire to not “miss” anything that would occur.

 Today, too many redpills feel this is no longer the case.  They feel safe… calm… capable.  After all, no threat has arisen yet that has gone undefeated.   But that alone worries me, perhaps too much.

I find myself surrounded by many who would rather argue the nature of the Matrix, the Truce, and the inhabitants thereof, than turn their focus outward… they’d rather start a fight or “verbally own” someone, as I often hear, than seek out, search for answers, and discover.

 Yes… complacency is any redpill’s worst enemy.

 The General’s people may be on the run, I would agree.  Anome taken care of, the Assassin thwarted, and Morpheus (or a look-alike) may have been found… but there is no reason to sit idly by and boast feelings and attitudes of premature security… regardless of whether this is to be considered “downtime.”

If anything, now is the time to strengthen one’s resolve… find their place, re-evaluate their purpose if necessary… and solidify their capabilities before the next storm blows in… because somehow, I feel the worst is yet to come.

Code Capture 11598-2

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I have to say, it’s been interesting since I last wrote… ups, downs, in-betweens…


…So where to start?  I suppose it would be only reasonable to start at the beginning, then, wouldn’t it?


We’ve been carefully tracking a crew of extremists, rogue from EPN, whom have been advocating and quite possibly using code bombs within the Matrix.  I’d be lying if I said I knew much about this crew, except that it’s Captain is believed to be a man named Eliseus.  Thaumatourgos (sp?) and Swallowtail are two more members of this crew, and proud supporters of the crew’s efforts.  I spoke with them recently and explained to them that while we may agree with their reasoning and respect what they’re doing, we cannot and will not condone their methods.  They seemed to respect that.  I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before we cross paths again.


On another note, the Cypherite Courier we’ve been tracking named Maskharah was finally captured.  The three operatives most-responsible for hindering his efforts are Vesuveus, aracher and Vaico.  Thanks to them, the several other operatives who helped, and Tsurai… a former-Cypherite who wised up and defected to the EPN cause, Maskharah was taken into our custody where he is now being held in a secure construct… being interrogated on the current location and status of the kidnapped EPN crew of the HvCFT Rescate.


I suppose the last thing I should write about, mainly because I consider it a massive headache, is the recent talk of reinsertions being impossible.  I cannot count the number of times that I’ve been asked of my opinions concerning this… and I believe that they may actually be myth.  Reinsertions are just inefficient.  What this will mean to the Cypherite cause remains to be seen, though.  We have little or no choice but to continue on as we have been until such things become known.