Code Capture 11603-1

I’ve come to notice in my travels, that the general redpill community is much more complacent than they should be…

…I remember the way things were.  I remember hearing stories while in Zion, of Red Eyed Agents that could be fought… Shapers, Neo’s Fragments, and a Man made of Flies.  I remember looking at a number of code captures in disbelief, seeing images of the many monuments of the Matrix, decaying slowly… or Morpheus’ latest speech of widsom and strength.

The feeling back then was one of imminent catastrophe… anything could happen at any given time, to anyone.  Many redpills feared jacking out, out of the desire to not “miss” anything that would occur.

 Today, too many redpills feel this is no longer the case.  They feel safe… calm… capable.  After all, no threat has arisen yet that has gone undefeated.   But that alone worries me, perhaps too much.

I find myself surrounded by many who would rather argue the nature of the Matrix, the Truce, and the inhabitants thereof, than turn their focus outward… they’d rather start a fight or “verbally own” someone, as I often hear, than seek out, search for answers, and discover.

 Yes… complacency is any redpill’s worst enemy.

 The General’s people may be on the run, I would agree.  Anome taken care of, the Assassin thwarted, and Morpheus (or a look-alike) may have been found… but there is no reason to sit idly by and boast feelings and attitudes of premature security… regardless of whether this is to be considered “downtime.”

If anything, now is the time to strengthen one’s resolve… find their place, re-evaluate their purpose if necessary… and solidify their capabilities before the next storm blows in… because somehow, I feel the worst is yet to come.


~ by zeissman on June 6, 2007.

3 Responses to “Code Capture 11603-1”

  1. ##Incoming Transmission
    ##HvCft Libertas Choice Fleet
    ##Begin Transmission

    “Si vis pacem, para bellum”

    Our greatest threat is indeed complacency, times like these the swords begin to rust and their edges dull. Perhaps complacency got us here in the first place, we were not prepared for the machines retaliation centuries ago…and we paid the price for this oversight….hundreds of years of servitude.

    Now is indeed the time to sharpen our resolve and draw a line in the sand…for when they finally come for us we shall be prepared to make them wish they never had.


    ##Connection Terminated

  2. To be complacent is to go against everything that makes us human.

    There is still much to be done, and now that the big issue is dying down, it is time to address the many little issues… as well as the biggest of them all.

    I believe the return of some old friends heralds times both good and bad, and while comforted by their words, I am still vigilant, waiting for what comes our way… Preparing to push it back from whence it came.

  3. Something tells me this is just the calm before the storm. The men and woman of EPN will be there.

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