Code Capture 11706-7

It has never ceased to amaze me, the things people endure for a cause…

…Most often they are willing to die to defend what they believe is right. Or worse, they’ll willingly suffer at the hands of the enemy, and become prisoners of war… items for use in bargains and to extract information from.

The crew of the Hovercraft Rescate has been on my mind a lot lately. Captain DeCesare, First Mate Xcelerate, and operatives Relikat and Craner. We had confirmed awhile back that after their capture by the Cypherites, DeCesare was killed. Their ship was hijacked by the Cypherites and we’ve been tracking it ever since. Now we’re closer than ever.

This job entails a lot of dangers.  Some of them are obvious and ever-present… but many of them are subtle and easy to overlook.  Those awoken by EPN are never forced to join the cause of the organization, but those who choose to are welcomed… as long as they understand what it is that they’re getting into.

And if I were taken as a prisoner tomorrow?  I’d feel no different.



~ by zeissman on July 6, 2007.

One Response to “Code Capture 11706-7”

  1. Somthing tells me that in about an hour, Archangel won’t agree.

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