Code Capture 11821-4

Finally nearing broadcast depth, but transmissions are dangerous…

Though I’ve not quite arrived, I can already tell that Machine City is far more vast than I had ever imagined.

It seems like it was only yesterday that I stood in Eshean, the day the truce fell.  Surrounded by Reposco, Rylet, Caelifera, and hundreds of EPN and Zion operatives that were lost in what was happening, it felt…  right.  As odd as that may sound.

To see E Pluribus Neo and Zion brethren side by side again, in strength, and in power, it honestly brought a tear to my eye.

Ages passed since Zion stood tall.  Since mankind stood united in their fight on the docks, ready to give everything they had, even if it meant extermination, just for the chance of taking a few of those machine invaders with them into death.

I remember those late nights alongside Michael after the Truce began, in Bunker 24, following the meetings with those who believed as we did.  I enjoyed watching him talk with Morpheus, begging for answers on what we must do.  Morpheus, as always, seemed to answer without answering.  His way of answering questions always seemed elusive, but certainly came with a point.

Mankind’s very nature is to persist.  To continue, regardless of circumstance, and regardless of what might hinder us.  We push ourselves forward because it is who we are and what we were meant to do.


I do not know if I will ever again see the operatives I worked alongside so tirelessly.  It is unlikely that I will survive what is to come, but I will try.

I can only hope they know now what they’re capable of, and what they must do for their species.  And though transmissions are easily traced and locked onto, I will continue to send them as long as I can… though it may be rare that I can.

If they’re receiving this, they should know that they are missed and loved like brothers and sisters.  I know what they can do, because I have seen it time and again.  What’s important is that they know.

For Neo, Zeissman

PS… before my departure, I assembled a package and transmitted it to Relikat.  It will not be easy to decrypt, or to track down… but what it contains, I believe, will be worth the effort.  Be well, my friends… I will attempt to stay in contact for as long as I can.


~ by zeissman on August 21, 2007.

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