About Me

For all intents and purposes, I suppose I can say that I was born twenty-seven years ago, in the backseat of a four-door sedan while it was stuck in traffic on the Reeves Bridge, attempting to cross from Stamos into Historic District to reach the hospital in time.

That was the beginning of the life of Jeffrey Zeiss.  Jeffrey was an intelligent, and for the most part happy child, growing up with his family in Magog.  He got good grades, played little league, and eventually reached high school, where he was promptly enrolled in Hammerville High.  While there, he maintained his successful grades and optimistic outlook on life..  even made several friends, whom all shared an interest in spending time at the Kobayoshi Boardwalk in Ikebukuro.

As he got older, his interests peaked on aquatic life and his time on the beach.  He surfed for fun, and maybe did a drug or two while partying.  It never hindered him from graduating high school and starting college, though.

He began studying Marine Biology.  He had a knack for it, and found himself progressing moreso in his classes than he thought he would.  Soon, he got an apartment with one of his college roommates and friends.  The two were as close as brothers, until Jeffrey learned of his death in a mysterious gunfight.

Jeffrey found himself depressed, suffering nightmares and questioning his friend’s death.  He eventually began to question more things, and felt as though the entire situation felt… wrong.  Time began to shift back and forth… while sitting in class listening to a lecture, he’d feel a shift coming on… suddenly he’d find himself right back in bed, his alarm clock awakening him from the prior night’s sleep.  Or he’d find himself shifted forward through time, learning that two days had passed.

It was not long until Jeffrey had an episode during lab, one day.  He hallucinated, claiming that there were men on their way to “get him,” then promptly suffered a panic attack before dropping dead of a heart attack.

This was the end of the life of Jeffrey Zeiss.

When I awoke, I did so in a pod of red slime… with mechanisms plugged into me, and running through me.  It was not long before I was flushed from the pod…  sliding into the sewers below… where a hovercraft was passing through, searching for one that they themselves had newly awakened.

They found her, and me, and took us both aboard… then back to Zion.

This was the beginning of the life of Zeissman…


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