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•May 16, 2007 • 3 Comments

At times I find that it is beneficial to stop and look at one’s progress thus far, before continuing forward…

Lately, it seems as though that is what I’ve been going quite frequently.  It is very important to know where you are going, but often you can find yourself lost if you do not remember where you began.

I’d be lying if I were to say that I haven’t been busy as of late.  What with the recent flux of awakenings, Cypherite activity, new members of the organization, reading reports, filing reports, e-mailing reports, issuing rewards fpr conduct, and signing off on operations to take place within the Matrix, there are times when I feel as though my head is going to explode.  I find myself jacking in more and more often just to escape the paperwork.

While the Matrix does not compare to some of the vacation constructs that Zion has, there are certain places that I never tire of, for aesthetic and sentimental reasons.  But therein lies a question in itself… how can one be sentimental over something that does not  exist?  Nothing more than a digital image.  The answer, of course, is the same as one finding a favorite digital photo that they enjoy staring at.  Both are very comparable.

 When I jack in to disappear from the ship for awhile, I often meditate on the most primal and probably common questions.  “Where is all of this headed?” or “What is my purpose?”

But then again, I know my purpose.  My purpose is to give others their purpose.  A man with a tuba, a woman with a flute, a gentleman with a slap bass… they all have their purpose… to create music.  I’m merely the one attempting to conduct them in a seamless fashion.  Whether I am successful in this task can only be determined by listening to the quality of the music they play.

And then there are the operatives not within my organization…

I was asked recently why I spend any time speaking with operatives that do not follow the same path as I.  It is a good question, and one I found myself contemplating before answering.

Personally, I believe that almost every operative, regardless of affiliation, wants the same thing… peace.  The differences between us all are our agreements on the methods used to acheive it.  To press arrogance and ignore diplomacy… to ignore rather than speak to… to quickly insult rather than attempt politeness… is to step away from peace.  That is something I find futile… because I know which direction I am going.



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•May 9, 2007 • 4 Comments

Niobe is someone I’ve always considered interesting, in whole…

During my days with Zion, I found her to be a little… unapproachable about things.  Granted, any Zion Captain has their mind on a lot of things, but she always came across to me as more distant than most Captains, even Morpheus… when he was still around.  Come to think of it, she has never really been one to open up… share her thoughts or feelings, or even her experiences.

I know she’s endured some horrible things as a soldier and a Captain of Zion.  I know she still feels a level of resentment toward Morpheus for choosing his path rather than choosing her.  I have no doubt that she still cares for him, but love is a tricky thing.  Some of the strongest feelings of anger can stem from love.

But then we all saw that when she stood inside that church in Sobra Shores that day, and declared that she’d like nothing more than to see every exile killed within the Matrix.  Yes, I was there… sitting angry and confused… and appalled at what I’d just heard.  Fate isn’t without it’s sense of irony, it would seem.

 The same man who led Zion on a number of missions to investigate Morpheus’ death would eventually turn out to be the one that would be put into a situation by The General, like a pawn, to betray both Niobe and Zion… leave her in a partitioned construct to rot, while he played a nice little distraction to keep us away from The General’s movements.

 She survived, though.  Do I think Zion’s bargaining with the Merovingian to help free her, by chance may have humbled her?  I don’t know.  If it has, I can’t say that I’ve seen it.  It has served, however, to direct her toward the true enemy… The General.

And should these signal beacons, by however slim a chance, turn out to be genuinely from Morpheus… and he is still alive… I know she will be one of the first people whom I’ll find myself looking to, out of interest of her reaction.



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•May 3, 2007 • 3 Comments

Before I was awoken, I attended classes in hopes that I would eventually enter into the field of Marine Biology…

Maybe that’s one of the reasons I’ve always stared at Machine sentinels with what some might call a disturbing curiousity.  Their design is astonishing, yet deadly.  At the fore of their frame lies seventeen glowing red lenses, optical scanners, or eyes.  There are eight of them on either side of the large one in the center… and this doesn’t even count the other twenty-eight “eyes” located on their main chassis, accounting for a total of forty-five in all.

 Behind their chassis, in tow during flight, are a cluster of sixteen tentacle-like arms, or legs, whichever you prefer.  Each of these legs adjust at fifty-one hinged locations, ranging from just behind the “head” of this massive beast, to the “hands.”  Each hand, of course, is an array of weapons and tools, from four-pronged claws to signal and auditory-enhancing dishes that protrude at will.

All in all, this metallic creature bares disturbing parallels with what we’ve always known as Cephalopoda Octopoda or octopi.  When studying these Octopi, as a bluepill student, I was taught that they are characterized by their eight arms (not tentacles), usually bearing suction cups. These arms are a type of muscular hydrostat. Unlike most other cephalopods, the majority of octopuses — those in the suborder most commonly known, Incirrina — have almost entirely soft bodies with no internal skeleton. They have neither a protective outer shell like the nautilus, nor any vestige of an internal shell or bones, like cuttlefish or squids. A beak, similar in shape to a parrot’s beak, is the only hard part of their body. This enables them to squeeze through very narrow slits between underwater rocks, which is very helpful when they are fleeing from morays or other predatory fish.

Of course, we know that unlike octopi, sentinels are indeed predatory and dangerous.  Which leads me to wonder… were the octopi originally a species from long ago that the Machines used as the inspiration for their design of the sentinel?  Or was what I was taught to believe about octopi really fabricated from the inspiration of their creation of the sentinel?

 Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Well, the chicken did, naturally.  Eggs have to be incubated and hatched, and without the chicken to do those tasks, the chicklet would never be born.  But that doesn’t really answer our question, does it?

You see, from what I have learned of them, sentinels were designed purely to be predatorial.  They hunt through the ruins of the planet, seek out those whom lived independant of the simulation, then killed them to remove any threat they may cause.  It is their primary function.  However, with the Truce in play, those who are free from the simulation are arguably allowed to remain free, and alive.  This renders the necessity of the sentinel machine moot… to continue to operate them is inefficient, a word that registers as kryptonite to the Machines.

The mere fact that sentinels continue to exist, and have not been shut down by their machine overlords is proof that they have not outlive their usefulness, and that they will be put to use time and again in the future.  Perhaps in ending Zion, perhaps in eliminating EPN officers, perhaps in wiping out the massive number of redpills that work for the Merovingian or even their own operatives in the real, if they ever deem them unecessary.

After all, with all the firepower they have in the Machine City, it’s not like they need them to guard the city…  no, the sentinel is a more proactive solution to the removal of mankind…  they are obviously one of the tools of the machines to ensure the survival of their own kind, through the elimination of ours.  All five-hundred thousand of them.


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The gravity of the situation sometimes hits us as unexpectedly as a ton of bricks, and often twice as hard.

I spent a good portion of this morning staring at the horizon, just off of the Kobayashi Boardwalk.  Since I was a teenager, it has always been one of my favorite places to meditate and think about the issues I face.  Today was no different in that respect.

Over the course of my time here, albeit short, I’ve learned much more about the mind of the average operative, or at least I’d like to think so.

Most of them have clear and distinct reasons for being who they are, working for whom they do, and acting how they act.  Some do not, but those are far and few between.  Of these operatives, many have their own agenda, independant of their organization and sometimes even independant of their faction and/or crew.  One thing that rarely changes, however, is their devotion.

They do what they feel they must, because they believe in it.  Merovingian operatives often perform their duties because they choose to, but as time progresses, they believe they must… that to disobey the Frenchman’s order is to subject yourself to pure, true danger.  They believe that they have no choice in the matter.

Machinists often believe that though the Machines do not necessarily have the best interests of mankind at heart, the human race’s best chance at survival lies with cooperation with the Machines and the upholding of the Truce.  Strangely enough, you’d be surprised how many Zionists feel exactly the same way.

 The Cypherites tend to feel as though by being awakened, they’ve lost something.  Whether it be their families, friends, lifestyle, or that they’ve somehow become less human than before… they feel that what they have lost is something that should be protected at all cost, and that the only true insurance of it’s continuance is reinsertion.

E Pluribus Neo, however, believes that if we ignore the past, we will be forever doomed to repeat it.  Until recently, we have been locked in a never-ending cycle where no progress could be acheived, no solutions could be made.  One man changed that, because he chose to do so.  Neo.  And while, perhaps, the prophecy that Morpheus always spoke of has not yet been fulfilled, and Neo has not yet brought true peace to this world and that outside of the simulation, it can only serve as evidence that he is not yet finished with his destiny.

Morpheus’ signal beacons claim that both he and Neo are indeed alive, and that the Machines are covering up this information from all outside sources.

If you ask me, yes, I am prepared to believe that.  I am quite willing to believe that Neo lives to this day, a slave of the Machines, imprisoned from himself and those whom he saved.  I am even willing to act on it.

But without a plan to have Neo freed… to have him returned to us, then action is a moot point.  One could raise a commotion in the simulation all they wish, but until such a plan is acheived, they would only be causing themselves that much more work to reach the goal.

So for now, we choose the diplomatic path.  We smile, tip our hats, and wish well those who would kill us at the slightest hint of our uprising against those who may very well be looking to end us all.  We bless them, and remind them that he sacrificed it all for them as well, and we wish them the best of luck along their path… reminding them that if it were not for him, they would not be able to make the choice they have… and that there are still many that are hindered from making that choice.

…And we wait.

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I’ve certainly got to say that my time as a liaison, thus far, has been much more interesting than I expected it to be.



Almost immediately, I found myself meeting with operatives within the organization such as Archangel, Dezreki, Vaico, Ettaric and Davinq.  I was also amazed to learn which operatives not exclusively within our organization were truly sympathetic to our cause, such as the case with Vesuveus and MeretrixMeretricis.  It goes without saying that my introduction to the group was indeed a warm welcome.


Other operatives I swiftly found myself meeting up with were Zion operatives such as Deffdog and Neoteny, PS10N and even their own liaison, Merrit.  I was introduced to Darminian, a former E Pluribus Neo member, turned Zionist.  All astounding people.


redAlibi, Sororitas, and a few select Cypherites didn’t waste much time letting me know that they intended to make my life “a living hell” as long as I was in my position.  If, somehow, they have been contributing to my paperwork, then I suppose they have actually succeeded in this task… otherwise…


Eventually, I found myself meeting randomly with members of EPN, and sharing theological and philosophical debate.  People like Asamodai, Rike, BODRaz, and members of Satori Unum.  Members of Opus Neo, and even the Daniel Institute of Dream Interpretation.  I was quite pleased with how much they welcomed the speculation, and were ready to accept the ideas and share their own.  I’m working with a much brighter group than I’d been informed of.


Fellow Liaison Officers Reposco and Nanocide couldn’t be better, either.  I was afraid that when I was appointed this position, I’d be appointed two other officers that would neither take an interest in their work, nor care about the intricacies and well-being of the organization itself.  Thank Neo, this was not the case.  Reposco and Nanocide have met with a number of operatives, and even participated in a Tactical Training run on a high-risk simulacrum in the organization construct, along with several of our members.


After awhile of assessing the situation, I arranged a meeting between Zion and EPN forces, in private, to discuss and share thoughts on the recent developments concerning the Machines, the General, and Cryptos.  Among those at the meeting were The Brethren, Prophets of Peace, Fallen Horizon, The Furious Angels, The Trust, and several more.  And that’s just from Zion’s side of the fence.  Naturally, it did not work out as I’d have wished, mainly due to operatives within the Machine organization choosing not only to eavesdrop on the conversation, but to make their presence known and debate in a conversation they had not been welcomed into… but that is just a matter of bad manners.  Such issues will arise, more often than not.


A lot has happened since my induction, and I can’t help but feel that this is only the beginning.  I look forward to working with EPN and Zion, and testing our soldiers for their faith and ideas on the path they’ve chosen.


For Neo,